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Torker CX Unistar 24″ Blue

For the past decade, more riders have learned how to ride on one wheel aboard a quality Torker Unistar CX than any other unicycle. The lugged frame construction with built-in quick-release and the sturdy main cap-style bearing holder are exceptional Torker qualities. The comfortable padded saddle with built-in scuff guards and contour cranks are additional features that will enhance your first unicycling experience.


Where To Learn:
The best place for training is a back deck, preferably made of wood, with a handrail. Wood is more friendly than concrete, and you’ll need to hold onto the handrail while your leg muscles learn to react. If you don’t have a back deck, try a baseball field with a chain-link fence. Pick a grassy area with solid, flat dirt and you can hold onto the fence.

Does This Thing Have A Front And Back?
Yes. The seat post clamp skewer (bolt/nut or quick-release handle) is on the back. The pedal marked “L” should be on your left, “R” on your right.
How High Should The Seat Be? When you’re seated on the unicycle, with one foot on a pedal in its lowest position, your leg should be almost straight.

If your inseam is 21 inches, consider ordering a 16-inch unicycle (Usually for 4-7 yrs old)

If your inseam is 23 inches, consider ordering an 18-inch unicycle (Usually for 6-12 yrs old)

If your inseam is 24 inches, consider ordering a 20-inch unicycle (Usually for 9ys old to adults)

If your inseam is 30 inches, consider ordering a 24-inch unicycle (Usually for 14yrs old to adults)

If your inseam is 33 inches, consider ordering a 26-inch or larger unicycle.(Usually for 16yrs to adults)

Durable hi tensile steel frame in 3 sizes.
Steel contour cranks.
Quick release seat clamp.
Sealed bearing hub.
Resin platform pedals.
Comfortable saddle with built in scuff guards.


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