Lionel Mega Tracks – Corkscrew Assembly and Fun

Learn how to keep your child’s imagination at work with Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos.

The Lionel Mega Tracks are customizable railways that allow cars to race and perform stunts like the corkscrew curve, loops, and the hairpin turns. This set comes with a 20-ft track that you can assemble as you wish, and a car that is a cross between a train and a race car. Clamp the vehicle and watch it perform gravity-defying stunts. It comes with an instructional manual, and although it takes time to put together, it is satisfying to run the car on the track.

To set up the track, look for a flat, broad base like the floor to accommodate the entire thing. Then, group the different beam sizes and find a way to clamp down the areas or structures that touch the base to prevent the track from moving flimsily while the car is running. Also, assign a container for each type of small parts like couplings, joints, and the different kinds of track supports. Ideally, you should set it up for your kids to enjoy.

A useful reminder when buying the Lionel Mega Tracks is that the controller requires a 9V battery. Buy an extra just in case. Charge the vehicle while you’re setting up the tracks. You will find the switch on the left side of the car, plug the jack and make sure the LED light is on to indicate that it’s charging.

You can record your runs by setting up the phone holder so that you can take videos of your car running around the track. You can modify the route to your liking if you feel like one part dips too much that the car hits the table or the floor every time. Not all joints will have support to take advantage of the car’s momentum. However, too much speed can cause your vehicle to derail sometimes, which is why it is essential to know the right speed for the vehicle to travel without falling.

Consider buying extra feet of track to enjoy the set better and to create even more gravity-defying sections of your set. They are easy to assemble once you get the hang of it and you can also swap the vehicle chassis if you are into that little details. Your child can even design a track for unique stunts each time. Overall, this mega track builder is an excellent toy that improves creativity and imagination.

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