LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit (847 Pieces)

These Lego robots are fun puzzles and teaching tools for coding robots at the same time!

For children who are crazy about Legos and robotics, this LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox is a ton of fun that will definitely teach them about programming, mechanics, and technology, as well as ignite their creativity, and enhance their problem-solving skills. More importantly, this toy will teach kids to be a builder and not just a user of technology.

With this set, you can create 5 different robots. All you need to do is finish building the test robot with the test program and your good to proceed. It’s easy enough that a 6-year-old robotics-enthusiast can assemble it in about 45 minutes.

Once you’re done with the test robot, you can choose to build either Vernie (the standing robot), a factory, a guitar, a horizontal rover or a cat. Each robot is a part experiment and part toy. They are connected to an Application with codes that will make the robots interactive and live.

You will need an Android tablet or an iPad to run the app. The application will guide you through the building of each robot, as well as their programming, with each step unlocking with every success. It’s well presented, and it forces you to gradually learn and build by unlocking each robot capabilities only after you have learned them. You also have the option to customize your robot’s movement afterward.

The programming language is also easy, just drag and drop. A cheat sheet will make it easier to program the bots, so search the internet for available copies in case you encounter programming blocks that aren’t obvious. Also, you will need to download a printed PDF manual at to help you get over some snags along the way since the set does not include one.

Each robot has a vast set of capabilities. The cat can only stand and sit, so don’t expect it to run. On the other hand, Vernie, the standing robot, can talk, turn, respond to handshake, even fart. You can plan Vernie’s course using the app and let it lose around the house.

If the app crashes, powering your iPad or tablet will resolve the problem. Also, make sure to have your gadgets fully charged before starting on a robot project. You don’t want the gadget to run out of juice halfway through the building.

Since you can build 5 different robots from the set, get ready to open all 11 bags at once. Each robot will need pieces from all the bags. It’s best to put the pieces in sturdy containers, and you need to be careful not to mix the pieces up with your existing Lego pieces. Also, make sure not to misplace a piece. If ever, you can probably find a replacement among your previously owned Lego.

You will need 6 AAA batteries for the move hub. The robots will drain regular batteries rather quickly, so buying rechargeable ones is cost-effective. Moreover, the first thing the app does after you start it up is to establish a connection with the move hub. You won’t be able to get any further until it does, so ready your batteries before you start building.


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