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Brand : LeapFrog Enterprises

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

This picnic basket will teach them good manners while it plays educational songs!

What do little girls love most next to dolls? Teatime and having picnic games, of course! This picnic set will give children countless hours of pretend play and fun. They will certainly have a picnic every day with friends and family.

The basket alone is a definite hit. It makes a sound when opened and closed, fascinating kids.  When you open the lid, it plays music, and it talks about colors of the rainbow and counts up to four.

It teaches kids about shapes, how many sides each shape has, how the three foods on each plate (square cracker, circle orange slice, triangle pie slice) have different shapes, and how to put the food in place. You can choose from the two modes, either to play the music or just play the educational sounds.

You can turn the sound off easily. Any parent will appreciate this option. On their own, kids will easily discover this feature, and they will be able to choose to turn it off or play it louder. They will love the music, and they might even jam with the cute songs and sing along with them.

The basket, plus the toys inside is light enough that young kids can carry it on their own. It has a handle that will enable them to take it anywhere they want. You won’t even have to constantly argue with your kid on how to store the toys because all the pieces fit well inside the basket. Parents will love the fact that once all the fun is done, they can easily store the items back in basket easily.

The little food and plates have specific holes and shapes. Kids learn how to make it fit, like a puzzle. Except for the white and red checkerboard blanket, every piece is made out of hard plastic. They are durable and easy to wipe clean. All the items have duplicates, and the colors are vibrant.

While children play picnic, they will learn good manners, like saying “thank you” and “please.” They will learn how to follow instructions, such as to put the items on the picnic blanket and to put the food in their correct plates. They will also learn how to interact with other people and share their ideas and emotions.

It also improves their motor skills when they carry the plate around the house to serve friends and family with drinks and food. This also teaches them about sharing with others.


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